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Get Boat Title Loan & Auto Pawn

At Miami Boat & Auto Pawn we do fast and simple Title Cash Loans starting at $5,000 all the way up to $200,000 and we do them in one day. Bring your Car, Truck, Motorcycle or Boat with the title in your name and we can get you the money you need, TODAY.

Get $10,000 to $100,000 in one day.

Get Boat Title Loan in Florida

No one wants to give up their boat, regardless of the financial crunch one might be facing; after all, it is not something that one buys on a regular basis. Selling their boat is simply an unfathomable option for many of the owners. But what can one do? Well, there is an answer to that - opt for a boat title loan with Miami Boat and Auto Pawn. Yes, you read that right. Miami Boat and Auto Pawn offers you a boat pawn in Miami that you can take advantage of and handle your current financial situation without selling your boat. You simply leave your owned boat and title in our secure storage facility and then take out your required loan amount - it is as simple as that.

What is a boat title loan?

A boat title loan is as the name sounds. It is a secured loan when an individual puts their boat as collateral against a loan amount. They can repay the loaned amount with added interest on time and retrieve your boat and title without any issue. In the event of you not being able to do so, the collateral property, which in this case is your boat, will be forfeited to the lender with no other repercussions.

Why is a boat title loan better than selling the boat?

Let’s have a quick glance at why you should choose a boat title loan or boat pawn loan instead of selling the boat.

  • A faster option to get money: Selling the boat might seem like a compelling idea for folks who do not want to pay interest but finding a genuine buyer can be difficult. Not to mention one has to haggle over the price and discuss the payment method, etc. as well. All in all, it could be a much lengthier process. It is far better if one simply connects to a boat pawn shop and gets a boat title loan.

  • No legal or processing fee: Transferring the title from one individual to another does require additional paperwork and legal fees that the first party has to navigate through. But in the case of a boat title loan, there are no processing, transferring, or additional fees that one has to pay.

It is clear from the points mentioned above that pawning a boat is far easier and more beneficial than selling one. And with the quick loan process at Miami Boat and Auto Pawn, you can get your approval within minutes. What more could one ask for? Reach out to us for a boat title loan today! We will take care of the entire process and help you seize the best loan available in no time.

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